Seek the Enduring Wisdom of Quality

Consumers know a quality product when they see it. The same concept holds true for investors. Higher-quality companies have the potential to add value across a wide range of market cycles, particularly during times of economic stress and volatility.


As markets respond to a rapidly changing macro environment, we believe focusing on quality businesses in the core can help investors avoid some of the pitfalls associated with other factors. By focusing on high-quality dividend payers that also exhibit higher levels of return on equity (ROE) and return on assets (ROA), we believe we can identify companies that have the potential to increase their dividends over time.

In Times of Volatility, Add Quality

When seeking growth and income potential in times of volatility, there’s wisdom in adding quality companies to a portfolio. Watch this video from our Focus Points series to see how we uncover quality, and why ROE, ROA and dividends are the keys. Presented by Jeff Weniger, Head of Equity Strategy at WisdomTree.

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