WisdomTree U.S. LargeCap Dividend Fund

WisdomTree U.S. LargeCap Dividend Fund* seeks to track the investment results of dividend-paying large-cap companies in the U.S. equity market. Learn more about the Index that DLN is designed to track.


Why DLN?

  • Gain exposure to core U.S. large cap equity from dividend paying companies
  • Use to complement or replace large cap value or dividend oriented active and passive strategies
  • Use to satisfy demand for growth potential and income focus


*Formerly WisdomTree LargeCap Dividend Fund


Fund Overview

As of 10/03/2023
Expense Ratio 0.28%
CUSIP 97717W307
Total Assets (000) $3,365,782.76
Shares Outstanding 55,700,000
Distribution Yield 2.98%
SEC 30-day Yield 2.60%
Options Available* Yes
Inception Date 06/16/2006
*Options are not suitable for all investors.
Trading Information
As of 10/03/2023
30-Day Average Daily Volume N/A
Implied LiquidityTM (Shares) N/A
Implied Liquidity (000) N/A
Lead Market Maker Susquehanna
Related index Symbol WTLDI
Shares Out. Symbol DLN.SO

Net Asset Value

Net Asset Value
As of 10/03/2023
NAV $60.427
Change -$0.586
Change % -0.96%
Premium/Discount to NAV 0.06%

Closing Market Price

Closing Market Price
As of 10/03/2023
Closing Market Price $60.460
Change -$0.570
Change % -0.93%
Median Bid/Ask Spread (30-Day Avg.) 0.02%

Market Capitalization

As of 10/02/2023
Total Market Capitalization ($ Trillion) 26.20
Fund MarketCap Breakdown
Large Cap (> $10 Billion) 99.90%
Mid Cap (≥ $2 Billion and ≤ $10 Billion) 0.10%
Small Cap (< $2 Billion) 0.00%

Portfolio Characteristics

As of 10/02/2023
Dividend Yield 2.91
Price/Earnings 16.56
Estimated Price/Earnings 14.85
Price/Book 3.30
Price/Sales 1.91
Price/Cash Flow 10.28
Gross Buyback Yield 2.21
Net Buyback Yield 1.88
The measures above refer to the underlying securities of the holdings in the Funds' portfolios and should not be considered reflective of the Funds' performance.