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“Easing” into Global Central Bank Policy Discussion

The prevailing focus heading into 2024 is centered around the next phase of global central bank policy and the nuanced shift towards easing. While rate cuts are a well-known aspect of monetary policy, central bank balance sheets have also become an active tool for policymakers. Our authors dive into global monetary policy outlooks and how they could shape the economic landscape in the latest edition of The Global Edge.


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  • Provides factor analyses, valuation information, and performance numbers for WisdomTree indexes and ETFs alongside third-party indexes and benchmarks.

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Marking to Market: 2024 Outlook

Following the first quarter of 2024, the U.S. economy still faces speculation about a potential recession, but early indicators suggest resilience. Labor market strength and low weekly jobless claims provide support in potentially averting a recession. However, surprising inflation readings hint at challenges.

In our quarterly outlook, we share our perspective on this nuanced economic landscape.

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Has it Become the Fed 'May' or Will Cut Rates?

May 01, 2024

During this Office Hours replay, Professor Jeremy Siegel [WisdomTree Senior Economist], Jeremy Schwartz [Global Chief Investment Officer] and Kevin Flanagan [Head of Fixed Income Strategy] discuss the results of the May FOMC meeting focusing on where monetary policy currently stands and what investors should be expecting for the rest of 2024.

Fixed Income Masterclass Highlight: The Post Fed Rate High Cycle

Kevin Flanagan comments on why the new rate regime is one of the most important factors facing bond investors. Watch this highlight from the Fixed Income Masterclass, in partnership with Asset TV.

Click here to access the full on-demand replay, available for CE Credit through Asset TV.

2024 Outlook Masterclass Highlight (CE Credit Available)

In this event highlight, Global CIO Jeremy Schwartz covers the latest with the Fed and his macro outlook, including the key factors influencing interest rates and where they may be headed.

Click here to access the full on-demand replay, available for CE Credit through Asset TV.

WisdomTree Office Hours

Advisors can now join our thought leaders as they discuss current markets and actionable investment solutions. This small-setting format allows for advisors to ask questions and enter into a dialogue, leveraging our thought leadership to navigate the market uncertainty. The schedule is updated weekly.

The What’s Now Behind What’s Next:
Minds on the Markets

Week in and week out, our investment strategists Jeff Weniger and Kevin Flanagan, who live and breathe the market, translate the latest headlines, dissect the minutia of meeting minutes and break down the jargon to help inform your evolving investment decisions.


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