Welcome Back, Income.


While fixed income may just have delivered its worst performance on record, the tide appears to be turning for today’s income-starved investors. This sudden shift is due to a surge in interest rates to readings not seen in 15 years, which is generating yield levels that a whole generation of investors have never experienced. After enduring historically low rates for over a decade, fixed income is finally returning to its more traditional role in investors’ portfolios.

Award Winning ETF Issuer


The ETF Express US Awards recognizes excellence among ETF issuers and service providers across a wide range of categories. It was an honor to be singled out among our peers at such a critical time in fixed income, when investors need innovative solutions for navigating rising rates.

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Our Fixed Income Family of ETFs

Investors searching for income in recessionary environments must take steps to mitigate risk. We believe in a core plus approach that has a core fixed income vehicle like these three from our WisdomTree family of fixed income ETFs.

Income is Back

Income is back in fixed income, but recession-conscious investors need to actively mitigate risk. Watch this video in our Focus Points series to see how a core plus strategy can go a big step beyond traditional approaches to help you pursue yield while managing your risk profile. With head of Fixed Income Strategy, Kevin Flanagan.

Cboe’s 3 Questions in 3 Minutes: WFHY

Kevin Flanagan, Head of Fixed Income Strategy at WisdomTree answers the following three questions about the WisdomTree U.S. High Yield Corporate Bond Fund (WFHY):

  • What is the strategy behind WFHY?
  • Why is now a good time to consider WFHY?
  • How could WFHY be used in a portfolio?

Basis Points Podcast with Kevin Flanagan


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