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Our society is becoming ever more dependent on technology and digitization. As data increases in importance and volume, data protection and privacy are essential to safeguard the integrity of the systems we all use and depend on.

Actors with ill intent never rest and are constantly evolving, so consumers, firms and governments will need to keep investing time, energy and money to stay ahead of the game. Cybersecurity solutions represent a powerful megatrend over the coming decades in both relevance and growth.


There Is More to Cybersecurity Than Just Defense


The cybersecurity market and supply chain are far broader than solutions purely focused on cyber defense. The ecosystem extends to include considerations related to digital risk, data integrity, business continuity and customer privacy.

How to Capture Pure-Play Exposure to the Cybersecurity Industry

In today’s digital age, security and privacy are more important than ever. Learn how you can capture pure-play exposure to the cybersecurity industry with the WisdomTree Cybersecurity Fund, WCBR.

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The Case for the WisdomTree Team8 Cybersecurity Strategy


The WisdomTree Team8 cybersecurity strategy provides a specialist-led approach to the topic to help investors find the most important activities in cybersecurity as well as the companies that are best positioned to capitalize on this growth.


  • Exposure to key trends in cybersecurity: WisdomTree’s strategy offers refined exposure to the key development themes driving the cybersecurity space.
  • Specialist selection: A specialist partner leverages a proprietary methodology that measures the exposure of cybersecurity companies and their products.
  • Focus & growth: Selected companies derive a meaningful part of their revenues from the cybersecurity space and demonstrate continued growth.


To find out more about our collaboration with Team8, access our case for WCBR

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The WisdomTree Cybersecurity Fund

WisdomTree Cybersecurity Fund
WCBR leverages the experience, insight and data of cybersecurity specialists, Team8. The Fund is designed to generate attractive relative growth rates by investing in the systems that protect, defend, and audit the integrity of our technology.
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