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Megatrends are powerful, long-term, transformative changes shaping the world that we live in. This includes everything from technological advancements to social demographic shifts as well as climate and the environment.

In today’s world individuals want to feel close to their investments and to truly believe in their likelihood for success. Megatrends are exciting because they allow investors to connect to a real, ongoing and relevant “story” and to take a position on something with the potential to change the world.

The challenge for investors seeking to gain access to megatrends is that traditionally it has been difficult to select those companies that are closely involved in the story. This is where WisdomTree’s deep expertise in constructing innovative, rules-based indexes and our partnerships with industry specialists can provide investors with products offering a targeted exposure.


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WisdomTree Artificial Intelligence and Innovation Fund
The WisdomTree Artificial Intelligence and Innovation Fund (WTAI) provides targeted exposure to companies that are primarily involved in the investment themes of AI and innovation.
Learn more about WTAI
WisdomTree Cybersecurity Fund
WCBR leverages the insight and data of cybersecurity specialists, Team8. The Fund is designed to generate attractive relative growth rates by investing in the systems that protect, defend, and audit the integrity of our technology.
Learn more about WCBR
WisdomTree Cloud Computing Fund
WCLD leverages the industry expertise of Bessemer Venture Partners, a leading early-stage investor in cloud-based businesses, and seeks to provide pure play exposure to fast-growing, cloud-based businesses.
Learn more about WCLD
WisdomTree Growth Leaders Fund
PLAT seeks to provide exposure to high-growth, mid and large market capitalization companies that operate platform-based business models.
Learn more about PLAT
WisdomTree BioRevolution Fund
The WisdomTree BioRevolution Fund (WDNA) provides targeted exposure to companies that have the potential to be significantly transformed by advancements in genetics and biotechnology.
Learn more about WDNA
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