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The growth of emerging markets increasingly fuels our world’s economy. Over the past five years, emerging market equities have shown stronger growth than their developed world counterparts—and non-state-owned enterprises have spearheaded that charge. With less than 20% government ownership, these companies embody the growing consumer class and privatization that continually shape the emerging markets world. While they tend to trade at a premium, we believe it’s more than justified by their large performance, quality and growth rate gap.

As the global economy reawakens, the time may be right to capitalize. Our broad family of emerging market ETFs has helped clients create more complete emerging market allocations, seize growth opportunities, reduce risk and generate more income.

Timing Is Everything, and we believe it may be Good for Emerging Markets ETFs.

The time may be right to consider emerging markets. These WisdomTree Funds may be best positioned to help you capitalize on emerging market opportunities.


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Can India's Lights Out Performance Continue?

One of the top-performing asset classes over the last decade may come as a surprise: it’s India. Though it comes as little surprise that some of our own top performers at WisdomTree have been funds that invest in US large caps, it is our India fund (EPI) that finds itself near the top of the list. During this Office Hours replay, Jeff Weniger, Aneeka Gupta and Ayush Babel discuss some of the drivers of India’s stock market in recent years, along with an outlook for 2024 and thereafter.

Asset TV Interview: The Case for Indian Equities

From technological advancement to deft geopolitical maneuvers, India has positioned itself for sustained economic success. Global CIO Jeremy Schwartz joins Asset TV Host, Gillian Kemmerer to share his outlook for Indian equities and discusses the WisdomTree India Earnings ETF, EPI, the first fund of its kind.

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