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Evaluating ETF Model Portfolios: The Dues & Don’ts

Ryan Krystopowicz dives deep into ETF model portfolio investing and identifies due diligence best practices for advisors ready to start using model portfolios in their business.

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Debunking the Myths of a Model Portfolio Approach

Model portfolios can help advisors save time that could be dedicated to their clients. So, why aren’t more advisors adopting ETF model portfolios in their practice? Ryan Krystopowicz debunks five myths about a model portfolio approach.

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How Advisors Are Using ETF Model Portfolios to Help Grow and Scale Their Practice

For financial advisors there often aren’t enough hours in a day. Ryan Krystopowicz illustrates how streamlining client portfolios and outsourcing some, or all, of the portfolio construction to outside asset management firms could help give an advisor some hours of their day back.

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How to Plan for the New Retirement Realities
Today’s retirees are living longer and, in many cases, working longer. This can have a profound impact on the work that financial advisors do with their clients to help them prepare for and manage their retirement. 
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Excellence through Human Dynamics

Many professionals in the world of finance struggle to achieve the full potential of their organizations, teams or even themselves as individuals. Carl Petty discusses the challenges financial advisors and their leaders experience when it comes to human dynamics.

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How Advisors Should Talk to Their Clients About Legacy Planning

An estimated $30 trillion is expected to change hands from baby boomers to their heirs by 2050. Are financial advisors having the right conversations with their clients to prepare for this transition?

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