As Oil Falls, Indian Equities May Rise

by / Equity, India on November 26, 2014

We believe that, as the price of oil falls, India’s economic growth prospects—and by extension, equity market performance—may improve.

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/ Equity on November 25, 2014

Real Estate Is Having a Moment

Looking at equity market, one theme this year is that the U.S. has been outperforming global markets, both developed international and emerging markets. However, looking within the U.S., real estate has performed particularly well.

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/ Equity, Japan on November 24, 2014

Japan Dips into Recession as “Japan, Inc.” Profits Set New Highs

When investors buy Japanese equities, they don’t really buy a slice of that economy; they buy shares in corporations that operate both in Japan and around the world. “Japan, Inc.” (i.e., Japanese corporations) is showing a profit picture that differs dramatically from the country’s economic growth rate.

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/ Abenomics, Equity, Japan on November 20, 2014

Flows Potential: Fund Managers Remain Under-Weight Japan

The recent bout of aggressive monetary policy easing by the Bank of Japan (BOJ), combined with the direct purchases of equities by the Japanese Government Pension Investment Fund (GPIF), has brought on a new period of positive sentiment toward Japanese equities.

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/ Fixed Income, Fixed Income, Currency & Alternative on November 19, 2014

Examining the Divergence between Equities and Credit

Over the last year, U.S. equities rallied, and credit spread generally tightened. However, in recent months, this winning formula has started to diverge. Concerns about global growth, potential changes in monetary policy and uncertainty from geopolitical risk weighed on investor sentiment.

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