For Mario Draghi and the ECB, Deflation Is a Moving Target

by / Europe, Market News on November 30, 2015

The euro area and the United States are comparable in numerous ways, including population and relative economic size. Since the financial crisis, they have also shared a common goal of escaping from the jaws of a balance sheet recession, as deleveraging has posed a headwind to economic growth on both continents.

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/ Earnings, Emerging Markets on November 27, 2015

Emerging Markets: Where Earnings Are Holding Up Best

Emerging market equities have been shrouded by years of underperformance. But not all emerging markets are built alike—there is a high degree of variability across countries and sectors in terms of their earnings strength and potential. 

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/ Conversations with Professor Siegel, Market News, U.S. Dollar on November 25, 2015

U.S. Dollar & Divergent Global Central Bank Policies

Last week Professor Jeremy Siegel and I spoke with Bill Stone, Executive Vice President and Chief Investment Strategist of PNC Institutional Asset Management, and James Wood-Collins, CEO of Record Currency Management, about their outlook on the markets, diverging central bank policies and the role of currency in portfolios.

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/ Dividends, Equity, Quality Dividend Growth on November 24, 2015

Quality Stocks in Focus Amid Global Volatility

Along with search for income growth opportunities while global growth is scarce, there is a broader and long-term thematic focus on quality investing and the “quality” factor in both the academic and investment worlds. WisdomTree has been leading this charge with a family of Indexes that cover the major regions and include selection factors designed to pick dividend-paying stocks with quality and growth characteristics.

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/ Abenomics, Japan, Market News on November 23, 2015

The BOJ Stays Put…for Now

The Bank of Japan decided to maintain its steady policy course this week, very much in line with consensus expectations. However, its policy statement did add a twist to a previously mentioned sentence.

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