Bond Investors: Manage Volatility If You’re Concerned about Liquidity

by / Emerging Markets, Fixed Income, Currency & Alternative on July 30, 2015

As the political crisis between Greece and greater Europe continues to evolve, markets around the world are exhibiting ever greater levels of volatility. For U.S. bond investors, the concern over the last several weeks2 has been the potential for gaps in liquidity in the bond market.

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/ China, Conversations with Professor Siegel, Emerging Markets, U.S. Dollar on July 29, 2015

Thoughts on China, Oil and the Dollar

Last week, Professor Jeremy Siegel and Jeremy Schwartz chatted with Marc Chandler, currency strategist at Brown Brothers Harriman, and Ruchir Sharma, head of macro and emerging markets at Morgan Stanley Investment Management.

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/ China, Currency on July 28, 2015

A Low-Volatility Play on China: Its Currency

For many investors, China is either the land of opportunity or a risk to global growth. As the Chinese government continues to enact reforms intended to stabilize markets, we believe investors should turn their attention to an often overlooked play on Chinese growth: the yuan.

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/ Abenomics, Equity, Japan, Market News on July 27, 2015

Japan Policy Update: Politics Now, Economics Later

I recently visited the Japanese prime minister’s (PM) offices and met with several senior decision makers to get a firsthand update on what lies ahead. The key takeaway for investors is that the structural bull case for Japan remains intact.

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/ Conversations with Professor Siegel, Emerging Markets, Market News on July 23, 2015

Exploring the Frontier of Emerging Markets

Last week, Professor Jeremy Siegel and I chatted with Gavin Serkin, head of emerging markets at Bloomberg and author of “Frontier: Exploring the Top Ten Emerging Markets of Tomorrow,” as well as Kevin Daly, portfolio manager at Aberdeen Asset Management. Our conversation revolved around the frontier markets and the opportunity set they present.

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