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Why Emerging Markets Now?


For most emerging market (EM) investors, 2018 was a year to forget. However, we believe emerging markets could offer a very attractive investment strategy for forward-thinking investors in 2019.


A Smart Way to Access EM in 2019


In our newest emerging markets snapshot, you’ll discover:

  • How the Fed’s new patience may drive sentiment for risky markets
  • That EM valuations are at levels not seen since the mid-2000s
  • Smart ways to reengage with the asset class—and more

Commentaries from Our Thought Leaders


India: Capture Regional Growth via ex-State-Owned Companies

by Gaurav Sinha

Is it the right time to allocate to EM equities? The answer is nuanced and requires an approach that uses a smarter security selection methodology. Gaurav Sinha discusses the methodology behind the new WisdomTree India ex-State-Owned Enterprises Fund (IXSE).


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Is It Time to Get Excited about Chinese Equities?

by Christopher Gannatti

It is easy to get wrapped up in the short-term thought processes and headlines that always surround China. There can always be downdrafts, but is the next rally right around the corner?


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The Beauty of a Rules-Based Approach in Emerging Markets

by Christopher Gannatti

Let’s face it, emerging markets are not the easiest topic to discuss in today’s world, which is exactly why now could be a great time to consider their equities.


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China Growth Tilting for a Value Market

by Jeremy Schwartz

One of the key debates going into this year has been whether the bloodletting in emerging markets and sharp downdraft in China could turn around in 2019. Here is one smart way to add exposure to China.


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Solving the Challenge of EM FX

by Bradley Krom

In 2018, emerging market equities ended the year down nearly 15%. Approximately one-third of that loss was attributable to broad-based dollar strength against most EM currencies. Heading in to 2019, we question whether investors should remain agnostic to managing EM foreign exchange risk.


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Capitalize on Emerging Opportunities

Emerging markets represent amazing opportunities—in fact, the world’s economy is increasingly powered by the growth of emerging markets and the evolution of the emerging market consumer.


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Timing Is Everything, and It’s Good for Emerging Markets


The time may be right to consider emerging markets. These WisdomTree Funds may be best positioned to help you capitalize on emerging market opportunities.



The WisdomTree Emerging Markets Multifactor Fund can help investors generate alpha while reducing the risks and costs of active managers through systematic multifactor exposure with a dynamic currency hedge overlay to emerging market stocks.


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The first emerging market ETF built only with dividend payers, DEM provides broad diversification and performance potential.

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The first ETF to remove state-owned enterprises in China, CXSE provides the potential reduce the risks and enhance the returns of Chinese equities.

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The ETF offers broad-based, diversified exposure to Chinese equities.

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The first ETF to buy local market shares, EPI provides access to some of the most profitable and fastest growing companies and sectors in India.

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The first ETF to remove state-owned enterprises in India, IXSE provides the potential reduce the risks and enhance the returns of Indian equities.

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