WBAT: Invest in the Global Energy Transformation Megatrend Powering the Future

We believe developments in battery technology represent an emerging megatrend, driven by massive attention to climate change alongside rapidly evolving technologies.

In our view, battery solutions are the core of our world’s energy transformation, and the falling costs per unit of energy is helping drive battery adoption and growth. Lithium-ion battery costs have declined 80% in the last decade, primarily driven by economies of scale and increased competition.1 Until recently, batteries were primarily used in portable electronic (ex: mobile phones). As battery technology has improved and scaled, it has been used in large applications, including electric vehicles and stationary storage solutions.

The WisdomTree Battery Value Chain and Innovation Fund (WBAT) offers exposure to businesses seeking to capitalize on the growth in the adoption of battery and energy storage solutions.


1 Source: Wood Mackenzie as of 10/31/2021

Electric Vehicles are Expected to Drive Battery Growth 

Within the transportation market, electric vehicles (EVs) need a portable electricity source, and batteries are the solution. Looking ahead, adoption of electric vehicles is likely to be the main catalyst for battery demand. Even under conservative demand growth forecasts for EVs, battery demand from this sector is likely to eclipse battery demand from portable electronics and energy storage systems. As battery costs continue to fall, we approach cost parity between EVs and internal combustion engine (ICE) mid-sized cars, which marks a significant catalyst for higher battery demand.

Source: Wood Mackenzie

Plug-in to the Potential of the Battery Megatrend

A technological shift is underway that will power our new world forward, and we believe battery technology is at the center of it all. Discover how the WisdomTree Battery & Innovation Fund (WBAT) can help you plug-in to this expansive megatrend.

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The WisdomTree Battery Value Chain and Innovation Fund

WisdomTree Battery Value Chain and Innovation Fund
The WisdomTree Battery Value Chain and Innovation Fund provides targeted exposure to companies involved in battery and energy storage solutions and innovation.
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