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What Happens When You Dynamically Hedge Currency in an International Portfolio
History shows currency exposure has increased the volatility of broad-based international equity portfolios over long periods, and without adding to expected returns. We believe a dynamic approach to managing currency risk can be a significant source of value to international exposures over market cycles.
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Europe’s Shmoral Shmazard

The euro won’t stop chopping sideways. Its quiet drift downward has persisted since spring 2018. In the current global climate, the currency could snap violently. Jeff Weniger outlines why he thinks the push will be southward.

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WisdomTree’s European Barbell Strategy

New leadership at the European Central Bank is motivating a fresh look at the policy tools available for the central bank, and WisdomTree believes European markets will find support over the coming 12 to 18 months. What is the best exposure to Europe for more a bullish view?

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Fresh Catalysts for Europe in the Second Half of 2019

Recently, there has been reshuffling of ECB and broader EU leadership. In our view, these changes can be seen as a positive catalyst for European equities in 2019.

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International Factor Portfolio: Complementing Premiums

A well-known anomaly among investment professionals, the “size premium,” suggests a portfolio of small-cap companies—particularly small-value companies—would be expected to outperform a portfolio of larger companies over the long run. Matt Wagner examines an additional factor that can complement size: quality.

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Don’t Snooze on Hormuz

With Iran backed into a corner, increased tension between the regime and the White House has resurrected talk of a closing of the Strait of Hormuz, the critical waterway by which the bulk of Middle Eastern oil must travel. Jeff Weniger discusses three key positions that may benefit from the current situation.

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