Siegel-WisdomTree ETF Model Portfolios: Income for the Long Run

April 12, 2024

Only WisdomTree offers model portfolios built around the philosophies of Professor Jeremy Siegel and his legendary book “Stocks for the Long Run”. Watch this video to see how the people, products and resources of WisdomTree can bring value to you and your clients. 

Jeremy Schwartz:

I am Jeremy Schwartz, Global Chief Investment Officer at WisdomTree. We’re seeing a growing number of advisors leverage third-party portfolios backed by institutional level expertise for their clientsBut only WisdomTree offers Model Portfolios built around the market philosophies and insights of industry legend, Professor Jeremy Siegel. With WisdomTree, you have access to a range of strategic and outcome-focused portfolios, including the flagship Siegel WisdomTree ETF Model Portfolios. And to give you a quick overview, I’m pleased to introduce Professor Siegel. 


Professor Siegel:

Thank you, Jeremy.  


The research I did at Wharton, highlighted by my book “Stocks for the Long Run”, is at the center of the Siegel WisdomTree Portfolios. The models offer a low-cost, efficient way to apply my core investing principles, which recognize the importance of factors such as value, dividends, quality, and global diversification. 


The objective of the portfolios is to generate superior risk-adjusted returns focused on income for the medium- and long-term investor. There are several risk profile options available depending on the clients’ goals. And we manage the portfolios using both WisdomTree and non-WisdomTree ETFs. 

The markets are always changing, and we want to be your trusted resource in the investment process. You can rely on WisdomTree to manage the portfolios through various market environments, so you can focus on managing and building your relationships. 


Jeremy Schwartz:

We’ve seen significant advisor adoption as well as positive performance of these models since inception. So, why choose WisdomTree? In short, it’s for the people, products and resources that go into our offerings. 


Professor Siegel sits on our Model Portfolio Investment Committee and you have access to his weekly market commentaries, our webcasts, and other materials to effectively communicate our position and philosophies to your clients


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