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Head of Advisor Innovation

Just last year we launched the Advisor Solutions programs to help advisors engage more effectively with their existing and prospective clients. Brad Shepard, Head of Advisor Innovation at WisdomTree, will take you through one of the pillars of this program, Kredible, an offering that helps advisors build and enhance their online image.


Financial advisors are constantly being told they need to have an online presence.


For most advisors, this is something they need. But like anything else, how it’s done and why are the critical issues.


Why Do Advisors Need an Online Presence?


All you need to do to answer this question is to look at how you find professionals and other service providers. Maybe this is a doctor, a CPA or a plumber. You might be able to get a recommendation from a trusted colleague or friend. Or just as likely, you might do an online search. Even with a referral, we imagine that you would check that professional out online before you engage his or her services.


That’s exactly what prospects looking for a financial advisor are doing. Kredible’s internal research1 shows:


  • Prospects typically seek 3 RECOMMENDATIONS from trusted contacts when looking for a financial advisor.
  •  The first thing they do after receiving names is online research. In fact, 72% CONSIDER such research “very” or “extremely” influential in their hiring decisions.
  • ALMOST 50% said they have eliminated advisors from consideration purely because of what they did—or didn’t—find online.


Right or wrong, advisors looking to grow their businesses need to have an online presence. More importantly, they need to have the right online presence.


The Kredible Process


In helping advisors build an optimal online presence, Kredible follows a disciplined and proven process.


It starts by analyzing the advisor’s current online presence and looking at what’s favorable and where improvements can be made. Once that’s completed, the process works like this:


Lift – During this phase, Kredible provides a step-by-step process for advisors to build their online profiles and their online credibility.


Engage – Kredible empowers advisors to share their firm’s intellectual capital and thought leadership, as well as curating other content across social media channels. This helps advisors engage with their current clients as well as prospects.


KredCard – In this phase, Kredible provides advisors with a personalized web page that highlights what makes them unique in a fashion that’s been proven to be what prospects want to see when searching for an advisor online.


Kredible blog image


What Have You Got to Lose?


Frankly, a lot. Whether you use Kredible via our Advisor Services platform or some other similar firm or service, financial advisors today must have a strong online profile that reflects their value proposition for prospects to evaluate. While prospects will likely not choose an advisor solely by what they see online, they may never contact an advisor with a subpar online footprint. That’s a shame for both the advisor and the prospective client who might be missing out on a great relationship.


Financial advisors, read more on other ways to improve your business.




1Source: Kredible, Wealth Management Research, 11/15.

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