Our comprehensive suite of tools gives advisors and investors the means to analyze funds, indexes and portfolios in order to better achieve their unique goals.


Performance at a Glance 

Identify short- and long-term trends in the market using our top and bottom performing ETFs as a lens.

Fund Comparison

Compare funds and benchmark indexes based on fundamental characteristics like dividend yields, P/E ratios and more.

Dividend Yield Analysis

Review fund yields from a variety of perspectives.

Morningstar Ratings

View all WisdomTree 4- and 5-star rated funds based on risk-adjusted returns.


Digital Portfolio Developer (DPD)

Analyze portfolios, stress test them against a variety of market scenarios and identify opportunities to improve outcomes.

ETF Model Portfolios

Asset allocation models designed to meet client needs.

Capital Gains Comparison

Optimize your portfolio by searching thousands of estimates from leading
asset managers.


Index Performance Attribution

See key index performance attributions that set our methodology apart from broad market benchmarks.