Fixed Income Masterclass Highlight

April 19, 2023

In partnership with Asset TV, Kevin Flanagan participated on a Fixed Income Masterclass to discuss the current economic landscape in the money and bond markets. Watch this event highlight as Kevin discusses the evolving risks and opportunities impacting fixed-income investors today.

Click here to access the full on-demand replay, available for CE Credit through Asset TV.

Kevin Flanagan:

If you look at yield levels across the board, you could make an argument that there's a generation of investors have not seen yields at these levels. You need to go back to 2007. We're talking now 15, 16 years ago. So it's fascinating to see fixed income coming back I think into its more traditional role in portfolio construction. And I think as we continue to move forward that will maintain, or I should say continue to be the case as well. I like to say income is back, fixed income. I think what you're hearing from advisors, from investors in general is that they're beginning to take note. And a great example of that was really one of the byproducts of what we saw in the regional banking headlines, that we've all seen bank deposits plummet over the last month or so as investors look towards, say, traditional avenues in treasuries for example, in order to get yield rather than bank deposits.