Behind the Behavioral Finance Assessment Tool

March 3, 2022

Whether you use it for prospecting or client retention, WisdomTree’s easy-to-use Behavioral Finance Assessment Tool will help you better connect with clients and choose a personalized portfolio that truly fits their profile. This truly innovative tool offers your clients the potential benefits of being:

  • PERSONALIZED — Two clients with similar economic factors can have very different outcomes in portfolio construction, based on their behavioral differences.
  • RESEARCH DRIVEN — Help clients understand how they feel about financial losses BEFORE they occur.
  • HOLISTIC — It factors in not only loss aversion, but also loss frequency and present bias.

Costumers have grown accustomed to a high level of personalization in their lives. Whether it’s searching for that next book or movie, or next year’s dream vacation, they value insightful recommendations that zero-in on their personal preferences.  


WisdomTree collaborated with Digital Nudging Tech LLC, founded by Shlomo Benartzi, PhD at UCLA, and a leading Behavioral Economist, to bring you a sophisticated, proprietary Tool that helps you understand your client’s needs and preferences.


The Behavioral Finance Assessment Tool, available on, walks you and your client through a series of research-driven questions and scenarios that take about 10 minutes to complete. But unlike traditional assessments where clients evaluate their feelings subjectively. Our Tool uses research-driven comparisons and questions that dive deeper seeking to identify crucial financial and behavioral factors.


With this Tool, you have access to the proven asset allocation experience of WisdomTree, and can offer more value for your client with a uniquely holistic behavioral profile and actionable suggestions that can strengthen your overall client recommendations and build a deeper relationship.


To connect on a more personal level with your clients, and offer personalized portfolio suggestions that fit their true financial profiles, we invite you to give our Behavioral Finance Assessment Tool a try today.


Before investing carefully consider a funds investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses, contained in the prospectus, available at Read it carefully.