Digital Presence Accelerator Overview

October 2, 2020

Matt Kress: Hi, I'm Matt Kress, Director of Advisor Innovation at WisdomTree. If you want to get a better idea of how you can optimize your online presence to give you a better shot at getting the call when a prospect is looking for an advisor, pay close attention.


I'm going to walk through the newly updated digital presence accelerator, which evaluates key areas of your online presence that prospects are using to evaluate advisors, gives you recommended actions to improve your online presence and includes a LinkedIn summary blueprint and step by step guides. Each report is unique to you based on how prospects are searching and evaluating you online. When you get your report, one of the first things you'll notice is the score on the top righthand corner of the page from zero to a hundred. This is based on your Google search analysis, LinkedIn profile and local business listing. You'll see a breakdown of each section on the summary page and you'll receive a recommended action of where you should focus first at the bottom of the page.


On page two, you'll see your search analysis. The first page of Google search results is your digital first impression. This report is evaluating those results on the front page of Google search results based on your first name and firm name in the search query. And it's looking at two main things, your search dominance, the number, the quantity of links about you, as well as your search quality, which is the quality of those links that show up. You'll receive some tips to improve your search results on this page.


On page three, you'll see your LinkedIn profile analysis. This analysis looks at five key areas of your LinkedIn profile. You'll receive a check mark for the areas you do well and any area without a check mark is a place for improvement.


On page four, you'll see an analysis of your local business listing. You'll also receive check marks for areas that you have done well and any area that doesn't have a check mark is also a place for improvement. We've also included additional resources and appendix after this page, depending on where you can make improvements.


For Appendix A, this report shows you the step by step guide of how to ensure your LinkedIn profile is visible to prospects, even if they don't use LinkedIn. Typically, LinkedIn has a high domain authority with Google and we see it showing up at the top of Google search results. So that's why we included it here so that when you do make updates, it's visible to prospects when they're looking for you online.


On Appendix B, there's a structure for your LinkedIn summary. A lot of advisors have asked for a basic structure to cover the key points our research found, so we included it here.


On Appendix C, there's a step by step guide to create and optimize your Google My Business page, also known as your local business listing. That's it. The Digital Presence Accelerator is a straightforward, unique analysis of your online presence with recommended actions to improve. Remember for any changes you do make, make sure they're approved by your compliance. We're looking forward to running your Digital Presence Accelerator for you. You can reach out to your WisdomTree rep to request your report today.