Modern Alpha® ETF Model Portfolios

You want to provide your clients with the best possible investment solutions for their needs while running your practice in the most efficient and profitable manner. Efficiency means doing what you do best, add value to your clients’ lives by providing them with valuable advice.

Even with the most sophisticated in-house tools and expertise, building and analyzing portfolios takes a lot of your firm’s time and effort. WisdomTree’s portfolio solutions and digital experience may allow you to focus your time and attention on factors that can drive your business forward, allowing you to be there for your clients. You can do this in-house, but is this where you want to focus your firm’s resources? Let us be your resource to help you in managing your clients’ portfolios.




Model Portfolios

Our Siegel-WisdomTree Model Portfolios were designed to challenge the traditional 60/40 portfolio approach that may no longer be optimal for long-term investors.

Learn how our Model Portfolios can help
you gain and retain clients.
Why Include Model Portfolios in Your Business

Our Modern Alpha® ETF model portfolios are built differently so they perform differently in today’s dynamic market environment. They are designed to give investors a smart way to access the global markets based on the distinct perspective of an investment innovator—while giving advisors the ability to effectively meet client needs.

We go beyond basic market cap-weighted indexes. Our modular solutions offer a tailored investing approach that helps manage risk in today’s ever-changing environment.

Simplify Your Client Conversations

Spend your time providing your clients with your valuable advice and allow us to assist in portfolio construction.

Differentiate Your Practice with a Clearly Defined Investment Process

Use our cutting-edge model portfolios to offer your clients the latest in Modern Alpha thinking for their portfolios.

Model Portfolios Designed to Serve the Full Spectrum of Client Needs

Our model portfolios are designed to meet the needs of:

• Newer and fee-conscious investors

• Investors who are retired or close to it

• Sophisticated and high-net-worth investors

• Investors who may be interested in a thematic approach

Scale Your Business to Meet a Challenging Client Demographic

Over the coming years, we will witness the greatest intergenerational transfer of wealth in history. The next generation is more tech savvy and expects their advisors to be as well. Is your firm ready for the challenge? Our model portfolios are a tool that can help you adapt to this new norm in the financial advice world.
Stay Connected
Save Time

Download reports and presentations, sign up for model portfolio alerts and connect with asset allocation strategists all from the same destination on the site. This allows you to focus your time on serving your clients and building your practice.

• Monthly performance updates and market commentary

• Quarterly tactical trade notifications

• Quarterly market consensus calls with the asset allocation strategists

Advanced Technology
Our advanced technology allows you to monitor our model portfolios to determine if they remain the right solution for your clients.
Digital Portfolio Developer Tools

Want to put your own stamp on your client portfolios, but still have access to cutting-edge products, investment thought leadership and technology? See how using WisdomTree model portfolios for your client’s portfolios with our portfolio construction services can help.



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