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Tax wisdom meets Model Portfolios
Like the markets, clients and their needs can evolve over time. To make it easier for advisors to manage their portfolios, WisdomTree collaborated with 55ip. This industry pioneer’s innovative technology helps minimize the tax impact of moving clients from their existing portfolios into WisdomTree models—and can help capture tax-loss harvesting opportunities as well.

It’s simple and easy.
To get started, create an account on 55ip—which is available to financial advisors at a subsidized cost when they are accessing WisdomTree Modern Alpha® ETF Model Portfolios.
Tax wisdom meets Model Portfolios
See how 55ip can help reduce portfolio costs and taxes—at a subsidized fee when you select a WisdomTree Modern Alpha® ETF Model Portfolio.
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About 55ip
55ip is a financial technology company whose purpose is to break down barriers to financial progress, especially taxes, using our tax management technology. Financial advisors use 55ip’s tax-smart investment strategy engine designed to dramatically improve their efficiency and effectiveness.