How can I buy WisdomTree ETFs?


How can I buy WisdomTree ETFs? This is perhaps the most common question we are asked. ETFs are traded on major stock exchanges, much like shares of common stock. They can be bought and sold throughout the trading day offering liquidity and ongoing valuations of the fund’s holdings for investors. ETFs are typically tax-efficient and generally have lower cost than other investment alternatives, making them a great investment tool for investors.


Trading can be executed through an account with most brokerage firms. Commissions and transaction costs may vary so be sure to check on these costs.


To make buying and selling our ETFs easier for you, we have arrangements with several major brokers to enable you to trade shares of WisdomTree ETFs commission-free1:


ETF Trading Education

Explore our Digital Portfolio Developer (DPD) to learn how WisdomTree ETFs can work for your clients' portfolios.

Please contact your financial advisor or these firms directly for more information.