Market Volatility Updates

Navigating these volatile markets amid the global COVID-19 crisis is a challenge no one was prepared for. WisdomTree continues to listen closely to the advisor community and create new resources for advisors as well as all investors to provide the guidance you need to maneuver the daily market changes.

Keep an eye on the situation as it unfolds with our latest news.

Podcast: Market Wisdom with Professor Siegel

Listen to the timely podcast with Professor Jeremy Siegel, WisdomTree’s Senior Investment Strategy Advisor and Professor of Finance at The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, who shares his perspective on the market on a weekly basis. 

WisdomTree Office Hours

Advisors can now join our thought leaders as they discuss current markets and actionable investment solutions. This small-setting format allows for advisors to ask questions and enter into a dialogue, leveraging our thought leadership to navigate the market uncertainty. The schedule is updated weekly.


Managing Panic in the Digital Age

Please join Professor Shlomo Benartzi of the Behavioral Decision-Making Group at the UCLA Anderson School of Management, as he explains how advisors can take advantage of recent behavioral economics research and new digital tools to help investors avoid the most common investing mistakes.

Commentaries from Our Thought Leaders

For more daily insights from our thought leaders, from macro commentary to helpful tips on trading ETFs in times of high volatility, visit our blog.

Switching from Mutual Funds to ETFs during Market Stress

With all the benefits of the ETF structure it is no wonder that investors put more money into ETFs than mutual funds in 2019.1 The great news is that when you marry the advantages of the ETF structure with WisdomTree’s Modern Alpha® approach you have the potential to outperform. In fact, WisdomTree has a history of strong performance against both beta ETFs and active mutual funds. Click here for standardized performance. With the recent volatility in the markets, now is a great time to consider switching from mutual funds to ETFs.

For more daily insights on ETFs vs. mutual funds from our thought leaders, visit our blog.

Time to Review Asset Allocation

Additionally, our own market research shows that the average U.S. advisor hasn’t modified asset allocations in 10 years. For most, they have been 60% equities/40% fixed income. This makes no sense in the world we find ourselves in. Professor Siegel is promoting more of a 75%/25% allocation, because there is no longer any income in fixed income. The only place to go for income is quality, dividend-paying equities—our sweet spot.

For more daily insights on allocation strategies from our thought leaders, visit our blog.

Basis Points Podcast with Kevin Flanagan

Digital Portfolio Developer Tools

Our comprehensive suite of tools gives advisors and investors the means to analyze Funds, Indexes and portfolios and compare best options for when the markets return to normal.



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