Bitcoin's market cap hit $1trn

19 Feb 2021

Bitcoin reaches an historic milestone, breaching the $1trn mark for the first time.

CME launches ether futures

08 Feb 2021

CME launched its cash-settled contract for ether, the digital asset of the Ethereum blockchain network.

Tesla announced $1.5bn position in bitcoin

08 Feb 2021

Tesla announced that it has invested $1.5 billion in Bitcoin and expects to start accepting the cryptocurrency as payment.

Bitcoin's price breached the $20,000 milestone

16 Dec 2020

Bitcoin's momentum does not appear to be fading. The digital asset breached a new key level over $20,000, a little more than two weeks after it matched its previous all-time high set in 2017.

CME Group announces Ether futures product

16 Dec 2020

The group, which already provides the main regulated bitcoin futures contract, announced it will extend its offering with an Ether futures contracts, coming to market on the 8th February 2021.

Bitcoin reaches new all-time high

01 Dec 2020

Bitcoin reaches a new all-time high at $19,839. This is the highest level since the 17th December 2017, when bitcoin reached $18,811.

Institutional adoption rises, open interest crosses $1bn on the CME Bitcoin futures

17 Nov 2020

One of the proxies to measure institutional adoption of bitcoin is the the use of the CME Bitcoin futures contract, the main regulated Bitcoin derivative instrument available to institutional investors. Open interest reached $1bn for the first time, following consistent growth over the past few months.

Bitcoin difficulty increased by 6.9%

11 Mar 2020

Bitcoin difficulty increased by 6.9%, as the hash rate shows no signs of weakness ahead of the upcoming halving.


Wilshire Phoenix's Bitcoin ETF proposal rejected by the SEC

27 Feb 2020

This is the latest rejection of a Bitcoin ETF application, on grounds of potential market manipulation and lack of surveillance-sharing agreements. The decision has been publicly criticised by SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) commissioner Hester Peirce, denouncing the "ever-shifting standards that this Commission insists on applying to bitcoin-related products".

BitGo acquires security token platform Harbor

19 Feb 2020

Crypto custodian BitGo acquired Harbor in an effort to diversify its services beyond custody and will be able to operate as a broker-dealer, a transfer agent and a qualified custodian.