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Income Solution for a New Fixed Income Reality

With interest rates at historically low watermarks, investors have been presented with a challenging fixed income landscape. The WisdomTree Barclays Yield Enhanced U.S. Aggregate Bond Fund (AGGY) balances the need for relative income opportunities while at the same time focusing on a core strategy for an overall portfolio—two paramount considerations for both today’s and tomorrow’s investment environment.

The Case For Barclays Yield Enhanced U.S. Aggregate Bond Fund (AGGY)

Enhancing Yield in Fixed Income Portfolios

by Bradley Krom


Investors are constantly looking for ways to enhance their fixed income yields—and they often end up taking on too much risk to do so. Enhancing yields may have just gotten easier.


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AGGY: Thinking Outside the Agg Box

by Kevin Flanagan & Bradley Krom

Discover how the WisdomTree Barclays Yield Enhanced U.S. Aggregate Bond Fund (AGGY) uses a rules-based approach to give investors a fresh alternative to the widely followed Barclays US Aggregate Index (the “Agg”) while providing enhanced income and yield.


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Commentaries from Our Thought Leaders


Putting Some Income in Fixed Income

by Kevin Flanagan

We’re now past the one-month post-Brexit vote mark, and the dust does appear to be settling in the fixed income markets.


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U.S. Fixed Income: What’s “Nexit” for the Bond Market?

by Kevin Flanagan

Well, here we are. The “leave” Brexit vote has become a reality and the global markets essentially responded as expected.


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Tilting Toward Yield Outperformed Market Cap-Weighted Benchmarks

by Ambar Bajaj

2016 has been a volatile year for many asset classes. During times like these, it is not unusual for safe-haven assets, such as U.S. investment-grade fixed income, to experience outsized total returns.


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Top Five Reasons to Enhance Your AGG Position

by Bradley Krom

On March 29, 2016, I attended a speech given at the Economic Club of New York by Federal Reserve (Fed) chair Janet Yellen, entitled “The Outlook, Uncertainty, and Monetary Policy.”


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