The Power of the Cloud

July 17, 2020
During these volatile times, the cloud computing industry has proven to be both essential and resilient. WisdomTree's Kara Marciscano discusses how the WisdomTree Cloud Computing Fund, WCLD, can allow investors to gain access to targeted exposure to the fast-growing cloud computing industry. 

The WisdomTree Cloud Computing Fund, WCLD, provides targeted exposure to the cloud computing industry, which has helped us seamlessly transition to working remotely during the coronavirus pandemic. Thanks to this industry, I'm able to shoot and share this video with you while working from home. 


During these volatile times, the cloud computing industry has proven to be both essential and resilient. Companies like Zoom, Shopify and Docusign facilitate remote meetings, e-commerce and sensitive document management, and they've been big contributors to WCLD's year-to-date outperformance. Part of this outperformance is because WCLD provides a unique exposure that these benchmarks are lacking. At most, these benchmarks provide five percent exposure of their total weight to the cloud computing industry. 


WCLD seeks to attract the BVP Nasdaq Emerging Cloud Index, which is provided by Nasdaq and Bessemer Venture Partners, or BVP. BVP is a leading venture capital firm in the cloud computing industry, and it helps select companies based on predefined revenue share and growth characteristics. Based on these criteria, WCLD is a 52-stock basket with three times the weighted average revenue growth of benchmark indexes. And if we look ahead to the future, we see a shift toward remote work further supporting the strong relative growth rates of the cloud computing industry. But even beyond this wave, we see the digitization of non tech sectors like transportation or health care driving strong future growth for the industry. 


We think WCLD is a way for investors to gain targeted exposure to this fast-growing industry and to those companies aiding in business continuity and driving future efficiencies across our global economy. To find out more about the WisdomTree Cloud Computing Fund, WCLD, please visit today.


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