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How to Invest in the European Recovery.

April 8, 2014
Europe is in the news again—and for good reason. There's a budding recovery, positive economic data, and a resurgence of investor interest. But what's the best way to incorporate this theme into a portfolio? Hear what the experts have to say in our latest podcast.

June 2013 ETF inflow data from Bloomberg.

ETF – Exchange traded fund

ECB – European Central Bank

DFE – Europe SmallCap Dividend Fund

HEDJ – Europe Hedged Equity Fund

Gross domestic product (GDP): The sum total of all goods and services produced across an economy.

Smart Beta: A term for rules-based investment strategies that don’t use conventional market-cap weightings.

An asset allocation strategy does not guarantee a profit or protect against a loss.

Christopher Gannatti, CFA
Head of Research, Europe
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Jeremy Schwartz, CFA
Global Head of Research
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