Voya's Dave Goodson Discusses the Opportunities of Mortgage-Back Securities

November 18, 2019

Dave Goodson, Head of Securitized at Voya Investment Management, makes a guest appearance on WisdomTree's podcast to discuss the potential opportunities offered by mortgage-backed securities. Goodson, who has more than 20 years of experience specializing in mortgage-backed and asset-backed security strategies, also talks about the launch of the WisdomTree Mortgage Plus Bond Fund, ticker MTGP, an exciting partnership between Voya and WisdomTree.


Fixed income investments are subject to credit risk, the risk that the issuer of an investment will fail to pay interest and principal in a timely manner, or that negative perceptions of the issuer’s ability to make such payments will cause the price of that investment to decline. Investing in mortgage- and asset-backed securities also involves interest rate, valuation, extension and liquidity risks and the risk that payments on the underlying assets are delayed, prepaid, subordinated or defaulted on.