Brexit: What Should Investors Do Next?

Great Britain is leaving the European Union, but the panic selling resulting from the Brexit decision can create opportunities for investors. Today, we weigh Brexit's near-term implications and longer-term investment opportunities, including weaker euro and pound ideas.


7/1/2016 - “Brexit”ology: Lessons for Fixed Income Investing

by Kevin Flanagan

Post-Brexit, volatility has been on heightened display, as investors try to discern where value lies in such an uncertain investment environment.

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6/28/2016 - U.S. Fixed Income: What’s “Nexit” for the Bond Market?

by Kevin Flanagan

Well, here we are. The “leave” Brexit vote has become a reality and the global markets essentially responded as expected.

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7/5/2016 - Dollar Safe-Haven Bid Poised to Continue Post-Brexit

by Bradley Krom

While investors fully digest what Britain’s “leave” vote may mean for global markets, one key trend that may be poised to resume is an increased interest in U.S. dollars.

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6/30/2016 - How Important Is Europe to U.S. Companies?

by Jeremy Schwartz

As investors weigh the implications of Brexit for their portfolios, I thought it would be useful to evaluate how exposed U.S. companies are to the United Kingdom and the European economy.

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6/24/2016 - Sterling's Structural vs. Euro's Political Weakness: "Brexit" Opens Opportunities

by Jeremy Schwartz and Viktor Nossek

The people of Britain have voted to leave the EU. What does this mean for the economy and asset markets in the very short to near term?

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6/27/2016 - Brexit & Japan

by Jesper Koll

Japan got hit hard initially by the risk-off tsunami forced by Brexit.

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6/9/2016 - Brexit: Brewing Tempest, or Much Ado about Nothing?

by Luciano Siracusano

On June 23, United Kingdom citizens will vote on whether to stay in or exit the European Union. A vote to exit started as a slim chance but has grown to become a real possibility, with recent polls indicating that a majority of UK voters now favor Brexit.

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6/30/2016 - Behind the Markets: Brexit

Jeremy Schwartz hosts Behind the Markets on the Wharton Business Radio with Professor Jeremy Siegel.

Listen to the recording of the show from July 1, 2016, discussing Brexit with guests Brian Klaas and Marc Chandler.

Listen to the recording

With Volatility, Comes Opportunity.

Consider a few exposures that may present opportunities:

IHDG: WisdomTree International Hedged Quality Dividend Growth Fund - Basket of Quality Factor stocks hedged against the U.S. dollar. This Fund is currently underweight financials relative to the MSCI EAFE Index at a time when market risk is centered around the risks to banks.

USDU: WisdomTree Bloomberg U.S. Dollar Bullish Fund - In times of crisis, the U.S. dollar has historically been a safe haven.

DON DES: WisdomTree MidCap Dividend Fund & WisdomTree SmallCap Dividend Fund - U.S. mid- and small-cap companies typically have very little direct revenue exposure to the United Kingdom or European economy.