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On a recent China of Tomorrow podcast, Liqian and Aneeka chatted with senior portfolio manager Wei Huang of The Stanley-Laman Group, who manages active China and India portfolios. We’ve written before on how India and China are similar due to their heavy reliance on imported oil and domestic coal.

In this episode, Wei and Aneeka see three tailwinds for the Indian economy in 2022: (1) continued dovish monetary policy, (2) the government’s plan to sell off state assets to finance infrastructure investment, similar to China 20 years ago, and (3) sectors like software and real estate that can reap the benefits of domestic and global growth.

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) projected India’s 2022 growth at 9%, the highest among developing economies.

World Economic Outlook, January 2022 Update: Selected Economies Read GDP Growth (percent change)

India’s wholesale price inflation has been running high, sometimes above 5%, the threshold the Reserve Bank of India watches for heightened inflation risk. But the expectation is that its monetary stance is still on the looser side, and it won’t flirt with rate increases until 2023, setting itself apart from other emerging markets (EM) countries like Brazil, Russia and Korea that have aggressive rate tightening.

India Treasury Curves with Different Maturities


Historically, Indian equities have traded at rich valuations. As of January 31, 2022, the MSCI India Index had a slightly higher price-to-earnings ratio (P/E) than the S&P 500. Earnings weighting instead of market-cap weighting made the portfolio substantially more value-oriented and less growth-oriented, as the WisdomTree India Earnings Index shows. Plus, an earnings-weighted index has higher quality measures, such as return on equity (ROE).

Wei mentioned that as the developed world becomes more accustomed to working from home, India’s software services industry will continue benefiting from both domestic and global outsourcing businesses. He’s positive on India’s pharmaceutical industry for its high pricing power and India’s real estate sector. 

For those interested, please listen to the full conversation below.

Interview with Stanley-Laman Group and WisdomTree Europe

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