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TD Ameritrade clients are able to purchase WisdomTree ETFs without incurring the costs of trading commission fees. This commission-free1 access spans asset classes including Equities, Fixed Income and Alternatives, and includes a variety of investment categories in which WisdomTree is a smart beta ETF provider.


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You may already know that you can trade WisdomTree ETFs commission-free through TD Ameritrade. But did you know that our ETFs aren't like other ETFs?





Explore our Digital Portfolio Developer (DPD) to learn how WisdomTree ETFs can work for your clients' portfolios.

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WisdomTree ETF Model Portfolios on TD Ameritrade Institutional Model Market Center


Financial Professionals, it's possible to provide your clients with the best investment solutions for their needs while running your practice in the most efficient and profitable manner. Our model portfolios allow financial advisors to harness our expertise and innovation via a targeted, managed portfolio solutions.  Eight of our model portfolios included on the TD Ameritrade Institutional Model Market Center platform. Seven of these models are totally commission-free1.