We believe that active and passive investments are not mutually exclusive, so we have developed products designed to offer elements of each.* Our ETFs are built with proprietary methodologies, smart structures and/or uncommon access to offer investors the potential for income, performance, diversification and more.

Wisdomtree Funds Offer Investors


Each of our ETFs is exclusive to WisdomTree, and each is designed to redefine either how an investment is built or how a country or asset class is accessed.


Each ETF is uniquely structured to offer the potential for performance, risk management—or both.


We combine what we believe are the best elements of active and passive investing to provide low-cost, risk-managed investments.**

WisdomTree sponsors distinct ETFs that span asset classes and countries around the world. Categories include: U.S. and International Equity, Currency, Fixed Income and Alternatives. WisdomTree is the only publicly traded asset manager exclusively focused on the ETF industry.

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