Christopher Gannatti / Equity, Europe Small Caps on 05 May 2015

Have You Missed the Strength in European Small Caps?

Small-cap stocks can deliver some of the greatest sensitivity to changes in sentiment across global asset classes. European small caps were a great example of this. When Mario Draghi delivered his “whatever it takes” speech in defense of the euro on July 26, 2012, European small caps delivered a sustained rally that continued pretty much unabated until June 6, 2014.

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Christopher Gannatti / Dividends, Europe, Europe Small Caps on 30 Apr 2015

Get an Edge: Look at European Small Caps

It’s difficult to find an edge when investing. In many cases, it comes down to a single characteristic that has the potential to mitigate an important risk. To that end, we offer up European small caps. The edge we see? Their dividend yields.

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Tripp Zimmerman / Equity, Europe, Europe Small Caps on 14 Apr 2014

Positive Signals for European Small Caps

With continued positive economic growth readings in Europe at the end of last year and leading indicators signaling further expansion during 2014, sentiment among investors continues to build positive momentum.

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Christopher Gannatti / Equity, Europe, Europe Small Caps on 24 Feb 2014

Small-Cap Equities Performing Strongly Across European Countries

Within Europe, a focus on large-cap stocks results in different sector exposures across countries than does a focus on small-cap stocks. In looking at ways to generate European equity exposure, small caps could offer a potentially differentiated approach and performance experience across different country markets.

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Luciano Siracusano III / Europe, Europe Small Caps, Market News on 11 Feb 2014

What Are Global Small Caps Telling Us About The Market’s Recent Pullback?

One of the nice things about watching the exchange-traded fund (ETF) industry every day is that you get to see how the universe of ETF users reacts to changing market conditions. That collective response usually takes the form of aggregated net inflows into or outflows from defined asset classes, which ETFs track pretty precisely.

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