Jeremy Schwartz / Currency Hedged Equity, Dynamic Currency Hedging, Small Caps on 21 Oct 2016

Dynamic FX Hedging Performance Shows Encouraging Results

After a decade of U.S. equity market outperformance, it may be time for the developed world to outperform over the next decade. Once one decides to allocate more weight to international stocks, there are a number of important follow-up questions on implementation: Should one invest by region, tilt weight to various size segments, take foreign currency risk?

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Christopher Gannatti / Currency Hedged Equity, Equity, Europe on 20 Oct 2016

European Exporters Have Delivered Significant Outperformance in 2016

Whether the reason is slow economic growth, a perception the European Central Bank is engaging in ineffective policy, negative interest rates weighing on banks or the surprising Brexit result and fear of political spillover, one thing is clear: investors haven’t been very positive about European equities in 2016.

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Jesper Koll / Currency Hedged Equity, Earnings, Equity, Japan on 19 Oct 2016

Japan Earnings—Reality Check

Japanese equities face a final hurdle that must be overcome for a positive breakout from the relatively tight (and lackluster) trading range overserved throughout the past six months : Consensus earnings forecasts are bound to be cut significantly in the upcoming results season. In our view, the likely adjustment downward in analyst consensus numbers should be a positive trigger.  

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Jeremy Schwartz / Currency Hedged Equity, Dividends, Dynamic Currency Hedging, Equity, Small Caps on 12 Oct 2016

Three Approaches to International Small Caps: A 10-Year Retrospective

Earlier this year, we celebrated the 10-year anniversary of the launch of the first small-cap international ETF in the United States, the WisdomTree International SmallCap Dividend ETF (DLS).



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Jeremy Schwartz / Currency Hedged Equity, Dynamic Currency Hedging on 11 Oct 2016

The Right Time for Dynamic FX Hedging

In early January 2016, WisdomTree launched a set of Funds that we consider to be the future of international equity portfolio management: a family of ETFs that incorporate a dynamic element to the management of currency risk.

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