wtadmin / Currency Hedged Equity, Guest Contributors on 29 Sep 2016

Dislocations in the FX Markets and What They Mean for You

Record Currency Management explains an unusual opportunity that has emerged for U.S. investors because of the breakdown of the no-arbitrage condition called covered interest rate parity.

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Luciano Siracusano III / Currency Hedged Equity, Equity, Europe on 09 Sep 2016

Getting Smarter in Your European Allocation

European markets, have disappointed investors this year, to put it mildly. This offers all the more reason to re-engage with portfolio allocations and dissect which factors have been driving returns and if investors’ current allocations can deliver the best possible exposure to the markets. 

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Jesper Koll / Abenomics, Currency Hedged Equity, Japan on 01 Sep 2016

Japan Wants a Weaker Yen—and Strong Banks

Bank of Japan (BOJ) Governor Haruhiko Kuroda wasted no time to promote a weaker yen. As soon as Federal Reserve (Fed) chair Janet Yellen put the Fed’s resolve to raise U.S. interest rates back on the table, Kuroda went out of his way to stress that the BOJ is ready to move the other way.

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Jeremy Schwartz / Currency Hedged Equity, India on 03 Aug 2016

Does Currency Hedging Make Sense for India?

India stands to be one of the great growth stories of the coming decades. But does India’s high inflation erode the value of the rupee such that returns for U.S. investors buying Indian equities will be hurt by a perpetually falling exchange rate?

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Jeremy Schwartz / Currency Hedged Equity, Dynamic Currency Hedging on 02 Aug 2016

Why We Just Raised Our Euro FX Hedge Ratio Dynamically

Many investors deride the trend toward currency hedging in international equities as a passing fad. WisdomTree has maintained for seven years that most U.S. investors are unnecessarily taking on too much risk strategically when they invest internationally. Why such conviction?

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