Zach Hascoe / ETF Education, ETF Trading Series on 23 Oct 2014

The ETF Trader Interview Series: Chris Hempstead, KCG

In 1988, the book Market Wizards by Jack Schwager was published. It introduced investors to a group of traders, many…

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Zach Hascoe / China, Currency, ETF Education, ETF Trading on 16 Apr 2014

Trading More Than the Average Daily Volume

This post is relevant to institutional investors interested in trading exchange-traded funds (ETFs) in significant volume. Individual investors do not…

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Zach Hascoe / Europe, Europe Small Caps on 28 Jan 2014

Deep Capacity Can Be a Benefit to Index-Based Investing: The Case of European Small Caps

Until fairly recently, investors relied principally on actively managed mutual funds to gain exposure to the markets—especially for small-cap options…

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Zach Hascoe / ETF Trading, Europe, Europe Small Caps on 27 Jan 2014

European Small Caps from a Capital Markets Perspective

Sitting at the capital markets desk at WisdomTree gives our team a unique perspective on the exchange-traded funds (ETF) industry.…

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Zach Hascoe / ETF Education on 09 Dec 2013

Transparency and Access (to Valuable Information)

The biggest winner coming out of the financial crisis was “transparency“. After all the scandals and devastating losses that occurred…

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