Jonathan Steinberg / ETF Education, Smart Beta on 17 Mar 2014

Smart Beta: Debate the Term but Don’t Question the Trend

Many devotees of conventional index investing argue that any deviation from a market capitalization-weighted approach is not passive index investing…

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Jonathan Steinberg / ETF Education on 24 Jan 2013

We Believe Equity Investing Is Alive and Well, Depending on Where You Look

Conventional wisdom says we are living in a world. Fear and uncertainty in the markets have crowded investors into areas…

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Jonathan Steinberg / ETF Education on 16 Jan 2013

The Flows Don’t Lie

Due to their intraday and convenience as trading tools, ETFs are a fast and efficient way to express investment sentiment…

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Jonathan Steinberg / ETF Education on 01 Aug 2012

Active ETFs: Beyond the Hype

Will actively managed ETFs power the next leg of industry growth, or will active management remain the domain of such traditional investment structures as mutual funds and hedge funds? While most media stories depict a slow start and uncertain future, I see just the opposite.

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