Jeremy Schwartz / Dividends, Interest Rate Strategies, Japan on 21 Sep 2016

Utilities vs. Financials: A Rising Rates Story

One of the biggest drivers of performance in 2016 has been declining interest rates and all the ramifications across markets…

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Jeremy Schwartz / Equity, Japan on 20 Sep 2016

The Other Side of the Low-Volatility Trade

In the last year, there has been a tremendous amount of investor flow into, appetite for and discussion of the…

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Jeremy Schwartz / Alternative, Dynamic Bear, Dynamic Long/Short, Liquid Alternative on 19 Sep 2016

How to Use Our Liquid Alternative Strategies

The equity markets continue to scale new heights, but anxiety around the market’s position reigns. The political season tends to…

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Jeremy Schwartz / Dividends, Equity, Quality Dividend Growth on 15 Sep 2016

A Surprising Quality Discount in the U.S.

Looking around the globe today, with interest rates in Europe and Japan at depressed, even negative yields, global investors are…

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Jeremy Schwartz / Interest Rate Strategies, Market News on 02 Sep 2016

Could the Fed Surprise in September? Marc Chandler Believes So

I recently had a conversation with Professor Jeremy Siegel and Marc Chandler, Global Head of Currency Strategy at Brown Brothers…

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