Eswarie Subrahmanyam S. Balan / Earnings, Emerging Markets on 27 Nov 2015

Emerging Markets: Where Earnings Are Holding Up Best

Emerging market (EM) equities have been shrouded by years of underperformance. China’s transition from an investment-led economy supporting commodity prices…

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Eswarie Subrahmanyam S. Balan / Emerging Markets, Equity, South Korea on 15 Oct 2015

South Korea: A Standout Performer in Emerging Markets

Thus far in 2015, equity returns in emerging markets (EM) have lagged those of Europe, Japan, the U.S. and the…

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Eswarie Subrahmanyam S. Balan / China, Emerging Markets, Equity on 02 Jun 2015

China in the Spotlight

While 2014 was a challenging year for emerging markets, the story in 2015 has been substantially different so far. The…

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Eswarie Subrahmanyam S. Balan / Currency Hedged Equity, Emerging Markets on 21 May 2015

Changing Currency Tides: Emerging Markets

Recently, the emerging markets (EM) have been embattled in a storm of currency weakness and disappointing performance. However, that tide…

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Eswarie Subrahmanyam S. Balan / China, Equity on 17 Apr 2015

Value Hunters: Look to China

Chinese stocks—measured by the Shanghai Composite—have been off to the races in recent months. Investors are starting to expect more…

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