Christopher Gannatti / Emerging Markets, Emerging Markets Consumer Growth on 16 Sep 2016

Three Common Pitfalls for Targeting Emerging Market Consumers

Over recent years, allocations to emerging markets were rare. Yet many investors would agree that the growth of the emerging…

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Christopher Gannatti / Emerging Markets on 06 Sep 2016

BRICs Beating TICKs in 2016

In a blog post earlier this year, we discussed the outlook from a Financial Times article entitled “The BRICs Are…

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Christopher Gannatti / Dividends, Equity, Mid-Caps on 15 Aug 2016

The Equity’s “Middle Child” Is on a Roll

When investors think of dividends (especially in today’s low-interest rate environment) they often think of large-cap companies such as AT&T,…

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Christopher Gannatti / Dividends, Equity on 26 Jul 2016

Growth Beats Value, but Dividends Outperform

There has been much discussion of late about factor investing. Now, it’s important to recognize that this is not a…

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Christopher Gannatti / Commodities, Dividends, Emerging Market Currency, Emerging Markets on 19 Jul 2016

Our 10 Top-Performing ETFs—First Half of 2016

Having 99 distinct exchange-traded funds (ETFs) spanning many global markets and asset classes allows us to examine the top 10…

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