Ambar Bajaj / Enhanced Yield, Fixed Income, Currency & Alternative, Income Strategies on 09 May 2016

Tilting Toward Yield Outperformed Market Cap-Weighted Benchmarks

2016 has been a volatile year for many asset classes. During times like these, it is not unusual for safe-haven…

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Ambar Bajaj / Fixed Income, Currency & Alternative on 18 Feb 2016

As the Fed Continues to Hike, What’s Your Best Bet for Short-Term Fixed Income?

The U.S. Treasury rarely issues a new type of security, but in January 2014 it issued the first floating rate…

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Ambar Bajaj / Brazil, Fixed Income, Currency & Alternative on 19 May 2015

In Brazil, High Interest Rates Make Currency Investing the Real Deal

Brazil is at a tipping point. After a corruption scandal, four years of stagnant growth and the stifling effects of…

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Ambar Bajaj / Currency, Fixed Income, Currency & Alternative, U.S. Dollar on 29 Oct 2014

What Is the U.S. Dollar Actually Worth?

As we highlighted in a previous blog post, answering the question of what the U.S. dollar is actually worth depends…

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