/ Emerging Markets, Emerging Markets Consumer Growth on 30 Sep 2016

Emerging Markets Rebound in 2016: More than Just Commodities

After several years of middling to poor performance, emerging markets have surged in 2016. Following a long hiatus, the enticing growth potential offered in emerging markets has started to deliver.

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/ Currency Hedged Equity, Guest Contributors on 29 Sep 2016

Dislocations in the FX Markets and What They Mean for You

Record Currency Management explains an unusual opportunity that has emerged for U.S. investors because of the breakdown of the no-arbitrage condition called covered interest rate parity.

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/ Equity, Small Caps on 28 Sep 2016

Why Diversification Is Not Dead: A Small-Cap Example

“Diversification is dead” has been a common refrain in recent years. Over the last decade, global asset allocators have received complaints from clients who wondered why they were invested in anything beyond the S&P 500 Index, or really any broad measure of U.S. equities, as the U.S. markets outperformed the rest of the world.

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/ ETF Education, ETF Liquidity, ETF Trading on 27 Sep 2016

Become a Smarter ETF User: Look through the Wrapper

Many investors judge ETFs for investment candidacy based just on their on-screen characteristics of assets under management, average daily volume and bid/ask spread. By doing that, they may be ignoring the majority of ETFs out there and potentially missing out on some helpful investment tools.

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/ Fixed Income, Currency & Alternative, Market News, U.S. Treasuries on 26 Sep 2016

Fed Watch: The Day after Tomorrow

The highly anticipated “Fed meeting of the year” has now come and gone, and investors still seem to be asking themselves: What comes next?

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