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Fixed Income: Money in Motion
There were no surprises at last week’s penultimate Federal Reserve gathering as the policy makers kept rates unchanged, but perhaps more importantly, they continued to lead money and bond markets down the path for a potential rate hike at their final convocation of the year in December. As we head into the 2018 homestretch and begin preparing fixed income portfolios for what potentially lies ahead, once again, hedging rate risk remains an integral part of the equation.
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Tax Loss Opportunities in Emerging Market Portfolios

After a phenomenal 2017, the last eight months have been painful for emerging market investors. However, despite this period of negative performance, we believe this year’s downdraft could lead to opportunity.

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’Tis the Season for Tax Loss Harvesting

With the fourth quarter in full swing, not only are the holidays approaching, tax season is coming up as well. This is the time of year when many financial advisors talk taxes with their clients, especially if those clients have capital gains and if there is the potential for tax loss harvesting.

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The Future of Financial Advice and Wealth Management
In last week’s podcast, Jeremy Schwartz had the opportunity to interview Donald Calcagni, the chief investment officer of Mercer Advisors, as well as Jason Barg, a principal at Lovell Minnick, a financial services private equity firm. 
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The Case for Emerging Markets

To put it lightly, 2015 and recent years have been tough for emerging market allocations. Although this asset class has been under significant pressure, we do not view this as a reason to jump ship. In our view, the 2015 sell-off poses an opportunity to take control of your allocations rather than continue to hold on to a region that has underperformed.

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Swapping Your China Exposure Opportunistically

China is at the center of global market fears. A core concern is that China is slowing down its growth rate or transitioning from an infrastructure- and investment-led economy to more of a consumption-led and services-oriented economy. 

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