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India’s “Trump” Card: Tax Cuts!

India just got another boost for economic growth. After an unprecedented rate cut, India’s government, in a big boost to “India Inc.,” announced corporate tax cuts of 8% to 15%. Gaurav Sinha analyzes what this tax cut means for different sectors and how investors might benefit.

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State Owned Enterprises: The Principal-Agent Problem

WisdomTree was the first to package an ex-state-owned enterprises approach into rules-based ETFs. But we were far from the first to identify the negative impact of the state-ownership structure on shareholders. Matt Wagner discusses the recent commentary.

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Covering the “G” in ESG with Our Emerging Markets ex-State-Owned Strategy
State-owned enterprises in emerging markets are prone to conflicts between the interests of shareholders and government stakeholders, as companies with meaningful government ownership are often run as much for government benefit as for their shareholders. Problems arise for investors when these interests are not aligned and possibly affect their profitability and future returns.

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How to Access China in 2019

This was expected to be the year of the global economic slowdown. But the year-to-date synchronized rally in global equities has stolen the spotlight. So far, Chinese equities have been the star.

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India: Capture Regional Growth via ex-State-Owned Companies

Is it the right time to allocate to EM equities? The answer is nuanced and requires an approach that uses a smarter security selection methodology. Gaurav Sinha discusses the methodology behind the new WisdomTree India ex-State-Owned Enterprises Fund (IXSE).

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How to Position for a Rebound in China

Chinese equities have ripped higher this year, and we see catalysts to support further gains. But not all China exposures are created equal.

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