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Europe’s Shmoral Shmazard

The euro won’t stop chopping sideways. Its quiet drift downward has persisted since spring 2018. In the current global climate, the currency could snap violently. Jeff Weniger outlines why he thinks the push will be southward.

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WisdomTree’s European Barbell Strategy

New leadership at the European Central Bank is motivating a fresh look at the policy tools available for the central bank, and WisdomTree believes European markets will find support over the coming 12 to 18 months. What is the best exposure to Europe for more a bullish view?

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Fresh Catalysts for Europe in the Second Half of 2019

Recently, there has been reshuffling of ECB and broader EU leadership. In our view, these changes can be seen as a positive catalyst for European equities in 2019.

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Generational Lows in Euro Volatility

It seems like the euro was pinned between $1.12 and $1.15 for ages. But it is reacting adversely to near-term risks. Jeff Weniger explains why drivers like crude oil prices could bring volatility back to the currency.

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The Fed vs. the ECB: Who Will Blink First?

If bond investors have learned anything this year, it is that the “winds of change” can blow in dramatically different directions regarding monetary policy. Kevin Flanagan discusses how market sentiment has shifted from where we were only four months ago.

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Brexit’s Impact for Equity Investors

With the next Brexit vote just around the corner, our Head of Research in Europe, Christopher Gannatti, provides some context on what Brexit may mean for European equity investors.

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