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Have Your Dividend Strategies Kept Up in a Post-Brexit World?

Despite recent headwinds, dividend strategies continue to attract interest, as dividends themselves have been growing steadily. Additionally, with bond yields broadly still coming off their historical lows, investors are looking for solutions that provide income that is sustainable and can grow with the market.

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Why Is This UK Strategy Significantly Outperforming European Markets?

The Brexit vote occurred last month, creating uncertainty about the United Kingdom’s role and future in the European economy, yet the WisdomTree United Kingdom Hedged Equity Fund (DXPS) has been up 12.74% year-to-date (YTD) as of July 15, 2016, while a broader index of European stocks—the FTSE Developed Europe All Cap Index—is down 3.3% YTD in 2016. What is happening here?

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It’s Not the End of the World as We Know It

Given the tenor of the discussion surrounding Brexit, investors may be forgiven for feeling the economic and financial worlds are collapsing around them. So we thought it would be a good idea to turn the focus back on the U.S. and analyze the outlook for the domestic economy.

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“Brexit”ology: Lessons for Fixed Income Investing

Post-Brexit, volatility has been on heightened display, as investors try to discern where value lies in such an uncertain investment environment. Against this backdrop, and with a week’s worth of trading now over, we thought it would be prudent to review where things stand in the fixed income arena. 

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Dollar Safe Haven Bid Poised to Continue Post Brexit

While investors fully digest what Britain’s “leave” vote may mean for global markets, one key trend that may be poised to resume is an increased interest in U.S. dollars. Today, we outline our rationale and point to key technical levels that investors should be aware of when positioning portfolios over the next several months. 

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How Important Is Europe to U.S. Companies?

As investors weigh the implications of Brexit for their portfolios, I thought it would be useful to evaluate how exposed U.S. companies are to the United Kingdom and the European economy. 

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