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The U.S. Stock Market’s Moment(um) of Truth

The stock market is having a moment of truth. A two-week window in late August/early September witnessed so-called “Minimum Volatility” strategies lose their luster, underperforming Value by 4 percentage points. Could this value trend continue?

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What Happens When You Dynamically Hedge Currency in an International Portfolio
History shows currency exposure has increased the volatility of broad-based international equity portfolios over long periods, and without adding to expected returns. We believe a dynamic approach to managing currency risk can be a significant source of value to international exposures over market cycles.
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The Price Is Right

Throughout most of 2019, inflation has had no reason to grab the headlines, but should investors be concerned about whether the price is right? Kevin Flanagan discusses.

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European Economic Outlook

On last week’s “Behind the Markets,” Jeremy Schwartz spoke with Stephen Sexauer, CIO of the San Diego County Employees Retirement Association, and José Brito, Chief Economist for Millennium bcp, a Portuguese bank. The conversation focused on world economic growth, and whether Europe can turn the corner.

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Value Stocks: Drawdown Mitigators or Aggravators?

The S&P 500 has been struggling at the 3,000 level for months. U.S. equities seemed unstoppable back in in June and July, but August and September were choppy. Our dividend-weighting approaches could help protect investors from a possible market decline.

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Clear and Present Danger? Not So Fast
Before the release of last week’s jobs report, investors were inundated with headlines seemingly suggesting that it wasn’t a matter of “if” but “when” the U.S. economy would enter into a recession. However, there are some economic numbers that imply there is no clear and present danger of a contraction.
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