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Mid-Cap Value: The Most-Hipster Asset Class

Mid-cap value has been one of the most consistently performing asset classes over the last 25 years. With a market segment that is often overlooked, and in an investment style that the markets seem to hate, mid-cap value may be the most-hipster equity-style box out there.

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Do Eurozone Yields Matter Anymore for Treasuries?

Remember when eurozone sovereign debt yields mattered to Treasuries? During this year’s rise in the UST 10-year yield, this conversation was conspicuously absent, raising the question: do eurozone yields matter anymore?

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Have We Reached the EM Inflection Point?

Given how emerging markets have been beaten down so badly over the past few months, it is possible that, going forward, the risks are more skewed to the upside. Is it time to dip back into the asset class?

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The Impact of Rising Rates on Multifactor Strategies

As multifactor investing has gained traction in recent years, the investing community has largely accepted and focused on five primary factors: size, value, quality, momentum and low volatility. We did not include low volatility as an alpha-seeking pure stock selection factor in our methodology. There are ultimately two reasons why.

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How We’re Allocating to Japan Today

Since WisdomTree’s inception in 2006, Japan has been an area of focus for us. Despite having slightly negative performance in the first half 2018, there are many reasons Japan remains one of our favored regions.  

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Do Active Managers Outperform in Inefficient Markets?

One of the most anticipated reports in the asset management industry is S&P Dow Jones’ SPIVA® U.S. Scorecard, a semiannual report that provides a glimpse at the performance of active managers in each asset class. With the start of the financial crisis nearly a full decade ago, we dig into the report’s 10-year numbers to get a comprehensive picture of the state of the active universe.

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