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India’s “Trump” Card: Tax Cuts!

India just got another boost for economic growth. After an unprecedented rate cut, India’s government, in a big boost to “India Inc.,” announced corporate tax cuts of 8% to 15%. Gaurav Sinha analyzes what this tax cut means for different sectors and how investors might benefit.

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The Inverted VIX Curve: Why It’s Important

While the inverted yield curve has been getting a lot of attention among bond investors, there is another curve that inverted recently, and that warrants attention from asset allocators in Q4 2019: the VIX curve. Gaurav Sinha discusses how to protect your portfolio in times of heightened volatility.

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India’s Unconventional Rate Cut and What It Means for Investors

India was in the news recently for completing its mammoth democratic federal elections and for a financial budget that was presented in July. Now its central bank is in the spotlight for doing an unconventional and aggressive rate cut of 35 basis points. What does the RBI’s latest monetary policy direction mean for domestic growth and global emerging market investors?

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The Case for India’s Multiple-Year Bull Market – Part 2

Recently, we’ve been discussing how India’s structural changes from Modi’s government are setting stocks up for a multiple-year bull run. Gaurav Sinha covers a second fuel for Indian equities that is poised to cause market gains: inflows from domestic investors.

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A Case for India’s Multiple-Year Bull Market – Part 1

India just completed an election of mammoth proportions, resulting in the reelection of Prime Minister Modi. Gaurav Sinha discusses the structural economic changes that occurred during Modi’s first term that could be propelling India toward a multiple-year bull market.

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India’s Elections: What Should Investors Expect from Modi 2.0?

After completing a mammoth democratic exercise, the world’s largest democracy finally gave its verdict when it selected Modi again as its leader. Gaurav Sinha provides his analysis of what investors can expect from India’s newly elected government—that is, Modi 2.0.

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