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Is It Time to Get Excited about Chinese Equities?

It is easy to get wrapped up in the short-term thought processes and headlines that always surround China. There can always be downdrafts, but is the next rally right around the corner?

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Brexit’s Impact for Equity Investors

With the next Brexit vote just around the corner, our Head of Research in Europe, Christopher Gannatti, provides some context on what Brexit may mean for European equity investors.

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The Beauty of a Rules-Based Approach in Emerging Markets

Let’s face it, emerging markets are not the easiest topic to discuss in today’s world, which is exactly why now could be a great time to consider their equities.

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It’s Time to Get Excited about U.S. Small Caps

When the VIX hit 36 at the end of December 2018, the last thing we would have thought would be that risk-on strategies might have a strong month in January 2019. But that’s exactly what happened.

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Are You Overpaying to Manage Volatility in Your Portfolio?

When it comes to low-volatility strategies, it’s important to look under the hood to determine what risks may or may not be evident. Christopher Gannatti discuses a low-volatility investing option with less valuation risk for today’s equity market.

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The Unexpected Opportunity for 2019: Japan

With Japan so far out of favor among investors, is it a contrarian opportunity, or are we continuing to be fooled by the false allure of Japan’s potential?

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