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Late Inning Relief for High Yield

Given recent market volatility and geopolitical/economic concerns, we continue to lean into using sound, time-tested fundamental metrics to help navigate an uncertain future. With this approach, investors have the potential to avoid volatility risk, while preserving the potential to earn higher levels of income and participate in a growing part of the economy.

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Fight Trade Wars with Fundamentals

Amid the drama in the latest U.S.–China trade war saga, Brendan Loftus explains how improving the underlying fundamentals can help investors navigate what would otherwise be rather uncertain markets. 

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Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due

Few markets or asset classes were spared when volatility returned with a vengeance. We discuss what recent moves have meant for U.S. high-yield bonds and why our fundamental approach to credit has outperformed all other credit ETFs and the majority of active managers.

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A Better Way to Structure an ETF Portfolio

After an uptick in volatility, we’ve noticed an increase in conversations with clients on ways to manage valuations in today’s market. This blog discusses why this may be the case and highlights some of the ways investors can use our new ETF characteristics tool to help focus on fundamentals in 2019.

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Demonstrating Our New ETF Characteristics Tool

In an age of transparency, we strive to provide the necessary tools to help investors make informed investment and allocation decisions. To help investors do this, we launched the WisdomTree ETF Characteristics Comparison Tool, which provides fundamental analysis of our Funds and market benchmarks.

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Have Your Dividend Strategies Kept Up in a Post-Brexit World?

Despite recent headwinds, dividend strategies continue to attract interest, as dividends themselves have been growing steadily. Additionally, with bond yields broadly still coming off their historical lows, investors are looking for solutions that provide income that is sustainable and can grow with the market.

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