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Solving the Challenge of EM FX

In 2018, emerging market equities ended the year down nearly 15%. Approximately one-third of that loss was attributable to broad-based dollar strength against most EM currencies. Heading in to 2019, we question whether investors should remain agnostic to managing EM foreign exchange risk.

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GLBY: A Global Approach to Enhanced Fixed Income

In 2015, we helped create a strategy that sought to enhance the income profile of the Bloomberg Barclays U.S. Aggregate Index. Today, we bring that same underlying methodology to global fixed income markets. Bradley Krom and Josh Shapiro introduce our new approach and show how going global can mean much more than simple diversification.

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Fundamental Score Card for Investment-Grade Corporates

Recently, investors may have been lulled into a false sense of complacency amid the current bull market. By anchoring bond portfolios to fundamentals, we believe our approach has the potential to avoid the pitfalls that will likely emerge as we enter the later stages of the credit cycle.

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Tracking Downgrades across Investment-Grade Corporates

With the debt of numerous high-profile, blue-chip corporations being placed on negative watch, investors are taking another look at credit quality across the U.S. investment grade corporate debt universe. We believe prudent investors should start to assess whether the underlying credit risks in their portfolios are worth taking.

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Tracking HY Defaults in 2018: What’s in Your Index?

Amid the recent sell-off in risky assets, many investors are wondering if this is a momentary blip or the beginning of a more protracted slowdown. We’ve seen a number of questions about the overall health of the high-yield market. We examine the highest-profile defaults of 2018 and provide some rationale for why a fundamental approach to high yield can potentially avoid the pitfalls inherent in market cap weighting.

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How to Diversify a 60/40 Allocation with Dynamic Equities

If there is one thing to be learned from this year’s drawdowns in U.S. equities, it’s that traditional 60/40 portfolios do a comparatively poor job of limiting portfolio losses in the short run. Bradley Krom highlights how investors can combine a dynamic long/short equity strategy with a dynamic bearish strategy to achieve comparable returns with less risk to traditional portfolios.

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